Sonic Throw (2006) is  my first prototype in a series created to deal with sound intrusion. As city dwellers, we fight to repossess our territory of intimacy against those sonic invasions. So not to let this bias our life, we propose a sonic throw. An object that looks like a ball but that is electronically enhanced to capture one sound of a few seconds. Once you have captured the repugnant sound, then you will be able to throw it away as a possible catharsis. While in the air, the sound will play again.

Sound Intrusion Detector (2007) is the second prototype. Thought after a smoke detector — a common element in apartments — it connects a series of apartments through a wireless connection and compare the sound volume between the different places. If the difference exceeds a certain level, the led goes from green to orange. If the noise is simply to high considering the standard or the time, it turns to red. It is automaticaly turned off when you leave your place so the sound intrusion is accepted while you are not present.

Sonic mirror (2007) is about the invisible turned into visible. It’s an interactive installation presented as a mirror with hidden cameras and sound volume sensors. When you speak or make noise in front of the mirror, it will respond by showing an image of you. This interactive work acts as a reminder of our nature as sound emitters. A reflexion (abstract and figurative) that pushes us to listen to ourselves (note : it is now included in the interactive installation, Intrusion(s).

SOUNDgeo (2008) is a sound player linked with a GPS. After setting up the sensitive areas using Google Earth and uploading the linked sounds, the author gives the device to the user. SOUNDgeo should permit audio archeology in the city or a more simply, a personalised tour.






Dans l’appartement voisin, la télé marche si doucement que les voix qui en sortent ont tout à coup l’air réelles, physiquement présentes.

Le poids du monde - Un journal (Novembre 1975 - Mars 1977) - Peter Handke


Sonic Throw (2006) and SOUNDgeo (2008) were developed using the arduino platform. The Sonic Throw prototype was done using Max/MSP/Jitter and a bluetooth accelerometer by Sparkfun.

The Sonic intrusion detector (2007) has been patented but is still in development

Sonic mirror (2007) is now included in the Intrusion(s) installation.
We used the Max 5 by Cycling74.

Interactive design and programming by Nicolas Marechal