This project is my exploration of the possibilities of interactivity with Google Earth.

In October 2006, was held the municipal election in Belgium. I managed to transfer the results from the ministry of interior and found the longitude and latitude of major belgian cities. On the day of the election, the newspaper “La Libre Belgique” made an excellent web to visualize those data and linked a color to the different parties (french speaking or flemish)... Blue is for the conservative parties (MR or VLD), orange for the centrist “catholic” parties (CDH or CD&V), red is for the socialist parties (PS and SP.a), brown is for the extreme right wing (Vlaams Belang)... And grey is for an coalition of parties.

And here comes the color of Belgium... mostly grey (Belgium is pretty well known for its consensus) then orange in the north versus red in the south ! These are the real colors of Belgium.

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Visualize Belgium in your Google Earth : real_color_of_belgium.kmz